Visit our image gallery!

Visit our image gallery!

The Alberta Wolverine Working Group is a team of researchers across the Province dedicated to wolverines. We have pioneered some of the first research into Alberta’s wolverines, and we continue this quest to promote wolverine research, conservation, and education in Alberta.

Wolverines are rare, elusive, and incredibly enigmatic. This makes them very difficult to research, and even harder to manage. This is especially true in Alberta, which is on the edge of wolverines’ species range. The Alberta Wolverine Working Group was formed to foster cooperation and partnerships between government, NGOs, industry, of of course the public! Working together, our mission is to spread the word about wolverines, and advance wolverine conservation in Alberta.


We are always seeking ways to get the word out about wolverines, and expand wolverine research and conservation! To learn more about the Alberta Wolverine Working Group and how you can contribute to conserving wolverines in Alberta, Contact Us, and follow us at facebook/AlbertaWolverine.



 Wolverine_thumb The first of several wolverine publications from the Alberta Wolverine Working Group has just been published! Wolverines like their mountains rugged and complex, but energy development plays a big role too. You can find out more at Canadian Journal of Zoology, or email Jason Fisher for a copy.

Wolverine_thumb Wolverines share their landscapes with close cousins martens and fishers. Read about how they get along and share their homes here: Fisher et al 2012 – Martens and Fishers.pdf.

Wolverine_thumb The first of a series of scientific publications on our research is out! Read it at Ecology and Evolution.


Wolverine_thumbWhat have we learned about wolverines in Alberta in the last 10 years? Read a summary article in the Alberta Chapter of the Wildlife Society’s January 2013 ACTWS Newsletter.

Wolverine_thumb Wolverines are the “demons of the deep forest“; read about them in an article by famed columnist Ed Struzik. Check out the great article about wolverines by Bruce Kirkby, one of Canada’s premiere adventure travel writers, in the Globe and Mail!

Wolverine_thumbYou can help fund wolverine research in Banff, Alberta! Click on http://www.petridish.org/projects/wolverine-conservation-through-citizen-science. If you have seen a wolverine in the Canadian Rockies? Report it at wolverinewatch.org, or volunteer to help with research at http://www.wolverinewatch.org/blog/.


Wolverine_thumbWhat are we up to right now? Following wolverines in Alberta’s Kananaskis Country! Check out our research, and download the East Slopes Predators 2012 Report.