Visit our image gallery!

Visit our image gallery!

The Alberta Wolverine Working Group is a collaboration of biologists from Alberta and British Columbia dedicated to wolverine research and conservation. We work with other groups including Wolverine Watch and Highway Wilding. Together with our BC collaborators, we are the oldest and biggest wolverine research partnership in Canada.

Wolverines are rare, elusive, and incredibly enigmatic. This makes them very difficult to research, and even harder to manage. We foster research and conservation partnerships between government, NGOs, industry, the public.

In 2004 we pioneered some of the first DNA and camera-based research on Alberta’s wolverines. We have since published over a half dozen peer-reviewed publications, with media coverage in BBC Earth, Canadian Geographic, CBC, Globe and Mail, and CanWest Journals.

We continue to promote wolverine research, conservation, and education in Alberta, and have recently inspired a new independent wolverine collaboration in far northern Alberta. Working together, our mission is to learn more about wolverines, and advance wolverine conservation.


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